[NOTE] If you are interested in doing a data-enabled health transformation digital health relevant research project via the design and implementation of data analytics, machine learning, and/or artificial intelligence this summer, please send Prof. Maiga Chang your CV by March 15, 2020.

The Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship (SRS) program provides funding to support students engaging in health and medical research during the summer months (May‚ÄďAugust). The intent of the program is to encourage such students to consider careers in medical/health research. The students are hired for a 4 month period, May - August 2020 with a stipend of $1500.00/month.

New in 2020: Revised Definitions for Digital Health Applications
Alberta Innovates has a strategic interest in supporting students interested in the area of Digital Health. As a condition of our funding from Alberta Innovates, 25% of awards in Summer 2020 are to be directed to Digital Health projects.

Digital Health projects may align with one or more of the following categories:

1. Digital Health Technology This category can include standalone software or integrated hardware and software systems like computers, smart phones, tablets, and wearables that utilize digital platforms to: improve access to health care information, personal health and wellbeing; facilitate more efficient diagnoses and treatments; and improve access to care for patients at home, health care facilities, and in rural and remote communities.

2. Data Enabled Health Transformation This category focuses on data-enabled innovation used to create, amalgamate, analyze, and apply large quantities of complex information to improve health and/or healthcare decision-making. Examples include data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platforms.