Prof. Maiga Chang ( is looking for a (undergraduate or graduate) student who is able to work on a research project part-time as research assistant from October 2018. Student can use the topic as his or her COMP-495 project (for undergraduate course) or essay, project, and thesis topic (for graduate student).

The student will work on the tasks of designing graph structures to store and represent concepts and relations of learning objects in a course as well as students' time-series learning behaviours in the learning management system. Therefore, it would be needed for the student to have the following skill set and/or knowledge.

     Familiar with data structures

     Familiar with XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

     Familiar with client-side (browser side) JavaScript development WITHOUT the use of jQuery and other frameworks.

     Familiar with PHP AJAX development

     Familiar with mySQL and SQL commands

     Information collection, re-organization, summarization, and reports

     Using screen capture software and video editing software/tool to creating instructional video clips

     [Asset] Having experience in developing application with complex data structure like graph and networks.

     [Asset] Having experience in developing application in Java/Python/Perl standalone application.

     [Asset] Knowing how to have a standalone application developed in Java/Python/Perl/PHP setup as startup daemons running in Debian OS.

     [Asset] Having experience in developing Moodle blocks.

     [Asset] Familiar with Moodle in terms of establishing, configuration, and maintenance.

     [Asset] Familiar with Moodle database.


If you are interested, please send your CV to by September 14, 2018.

Thank you so much in advance.



Maiga Chang

08, 27 '18